Anti-Social Media Blues OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (social media rap) by Wolves & Sheep


Uploaded on: 06/09/2016

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Published on May 23, 2016
Sick of social media? Are you anti social media? Does social media make you anti-social? Do you have the social media blues. Well we have the cure. This is a parody/humorous rap video for Anti-Social Media Blues, the first single from Wolves & Sheep's debut album "More Than Blue." So what's the song about? Well, it's about how social media sucks, of course.

Wolves & Sheep combines hip hop with funk and rhythm & blues to create a unique sound in popular music.
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Director: Christian Smooth | Smooth House Productions (www.thesmoothhouse.com, @SmoothHouseProductions)

Song: Anti-Social Media Blues
Artist: Wolves & Sheep (Twitter: @Wolves_n_Sheep, FB: @wolvesandsheep00)
Album: More Than Blue
Available on iTunes, Google Play, & Spotify

Song Credits:
Lyrics: Tyler Durdin & Che Baroch
Music: Che Baroch & Tyler Durdin
Vocal/Rap: Tyler Durdin
Guitar, bass: Che Baroch
Drums: Kevin Abbenante (@KevinAbbenante)
Background vocals: Candice Sanders, Che Baroch
Sound FX: Tyler Durdin

Cashmere The PROfessional, Neil J. Adamus, Malcolm "Justice" McFadden, Tarius Tasker, Jasmine Smith, Joseph Martin, Jordan Gallmeyer, Matt Moore, Roy Purdy @Roy_Purdy, Baddie Winkle @baddiewinkle, Christian Smooth

Video Footage Credits:

Special Thanks:
Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge (@Metropolitanannapolis), The Conglomerate, What's Dope, The Annapolis Music Collective, @MikeFioreShow