This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

February 1st – The Fugees release their debut album, “Blunted On Reality”, on Ruffhouse Records, on this day in 1994.

The official name of the group was Fugees Tranzlator Crew who then shortened it to The Fugees by the time of the release of their second album “The Score” in 1996.

“Blunted On Reality” would mesh hip-hop with reggae and pop and was fueled by 5% teachings and Rastafarian rhetoric.

“Blunted On Reality” was produced by The Fugees along with Salaam Remi, Rashad Muhammad, Stephen Walker, Brand X and Khalis Bayyan a.k.a. Ronald “Kool” Bell of Kool & The Gang.

The Fugees were powered by the soulful vocals and more than capable rhyme talents of Lauryn Hill and the unique rhyme style of Wyclef Jean and Pras, who also proudly flaunted their Haitian origins when previous American rappers of Haitian origins hid their roots.

“Blunted On Reality” spawned the hits “Nappy Heads”, Boof Baf” and “Vocab”, whose remix became a huge cult favorite.