This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

October 10th – Ice-T releases his third album, “The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech…Just Watch What You Say”, on Sire Records, on this day in 1989.

The album was produced by Afrika Islam and Ice-T as well.

Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate, which included future House Of Pain member as well as solo superstar Everlast, would guest on the album.

A spoken word performance by Jello Biafra called “Words From Our Sponsors” was sampled for the album’s opening track called “Shut Up, Be Happy”.

“Shut Up Be Happy” sampled Black Sabbath, an early sign of what was to come in the form of Ice-T’s future metal band Body Count.

The first part of the album’s title was a reference to Iceberg Slim a.k.a. Robert Beck, a hustler turned author and poet.

In high school, Ice-T would recite poetry and rhymes and was compared to Slim, hence his eventual stage name.

The latter part of the set’s title was a reference to an incident that happened to Ice while on tour in Columbus, Georgia, where he was told what profanities he could say on stage as well as what subject matter he could rap about.

This would also be a precursor of what was to come when Ice’s metal band released their Self-Titled debut album in 1992, which would push the popular MC to the forefront of a controversial censorship issue with his label’s parent company Time/Warner with even actor Charlton Heston, then U.S. President George H.W. Bush and Vice-President Dan Quayle all denouncing him and asking for the banning of his music over the song “Cop Killer”.


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