This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

May 29th - The Fat Boys release their classic Self-Titled debut album on Sutra Records on this day in 1984.

The Brooklyn trio, who were originally called The Disco 3, were discovered by Kurtis Blow at a talent competition.

The album’s first single “Fat Boys” was actually credited to The Disco 3 artist-wise until the trio decided to change their name to the more suitable “Fat Boys” considering the excess poundage of the group.

Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski and The Human Beat Box, who were sometimes looked at as a novelty act, proved they had rhyme skills on their debut set.

The Human Beat Box, a.k.a. Buffy, had an uncanny ability to mimic the Roland 808 drum machine with thunderous results as opposed to Doug E. Fresh, whose equally capable skills were more sound effects oriented.

The album contained some of the all-time biggest Fat Boys classics like “Can You Feel It”, “Jail House Rap” and the unforgettable title track.

The set also featured the track “Human Beat Box” which is still today one of the all-time greatest exhibitions of the art-form.

The album was produced by the one and only Kurtis Blow.