A mixtape collection of recent hip hop, rap & spoken word performances inspired from the community of Louder Than A Bomb in Chicago, "the largest youth poetry festival in the world." Curated by poet & LTAB founder Kevin Coval, the station includes Chicagoland artists as well as performers from the LTAB network around the world

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Acid Rain Chance The Rapper
Elysian Children Of I.L.L.I.O.S.
Smoke Killa Prod. Blended Babies The O'My's
Hey Ma (ft. Lili K and Peter CottonTale) [prod. by Zak "Fox" Jablow and MC TREE] Chance The Rapper
25mg(Produced by Nick Arcade) Defcee
Lipstick Pinqy ring
I Can Never Find a Ride Back Ravyn Lenae (Produced by L.A. Van Gogh)
Alone ft. Max Wonders Max Bouvagnet
Missing You [prod. by Thomas Foolery] Chance The Rapper
Momma Raised a King/"Funny Money" Interlude Ali (of New Kingz)