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bernie got berned

Bernie Got Berned

MistaChuck & The Impossebulls


Whooooooooo Gots the damn nerve To pick a winner Artillery ready to kill you and me Who deliver Ing this Camp pain from the campaign WTF OMG Back to what the fuck they saying Counted down Ain't listening to me Check 1-2 Gotcha vote Media TV But now after the math Come the aftermath y'all Wall street Got ya streets by the balls Beyond trump Hill Swallow this bitter pill Political machine had its Listerine Killer Mike informed to Bern the platform Ran them jewels Then them banksters swarmed Secretary of hate Neocon Satan Emails got usa mass debatin Evolution meltdown 50 states So the revolution just gotta wait?


Two system party is on its last leg Bernie got burned yeah you heard what I said now we got ms killiry and mr daffy dump what the funk is going on I smell a stink bomb more trickery and thievery going on Bernie had the people they was coming on strong but they burned out that fire all a pack of liars trying to put the clamp on us like some pliers think its a game smoking that democrack repulsive republicrakas stay the hell back its war to the core more war on the poor more put your hands up and get your ass on the floor Bernie couldn’t save the day apple pie and politricks its the american way tax loopholes and e mails what the hell had a better candidate but smell what I smell?!?


Welcome to the circus.
tell me how to jerk this Lever to vote though I gotta wonder what's the purpose ... I gotta choose between no choice at all- I can't Call when they open their mouths I'm appalled... And Bernie got Burnt and who's left in this- like I Gotta choose between two Flavors of shit- on can't Miss TV- the farce fillin my screen- and how did We get to a point this obscene- wanna scream? My Team got booted in the playoffs.
so hear me- cause I Wanted team Sanders playin in the World Series... Instead I gotta watch em run the country up the flagpole Ones a politician and the other is an asshole Neither can be trusted in the least- election 20 16 between Not a Beauty and the Beast- for Commander in Chief as they lie to my eyeline- I'mma Take a stand for Sanders while I'm standing on the sideline...


Let me get this straight in my head You knew the questions before they were said You knew the questions before they were heard Politics be the theater of the absurd Knew what to say before you took the stage These kind of lies make America rage Again and again we still haven’t learned So we felt the heat when Bernie got burned Our leaders seem to love playing with fire But 100 percent won’t admit they a liar Perhaps they simply miss remember Fuck that I’mma stay gone til November...