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lost in space music

Lost In Space Music

Public Enemy

[Intro: Chuck D.
Flavor Flav]

Lost in space... music Yeah!

[Verse 1: Chuck D Flavor Flav]

Every generation Got their music Kick it! Beyond this hatin’ Every generation Gots its favorite (Haha) Favorite nation (Hahaha) New releases Label ceases To release it Magazine pieces Lambo leases Gabardine creases What we gonna do? Fashionistas Lovin’ that music

[Hook: Chuck D.
Flavor Flav]

Lost in music Don't understand it! Lost in music I’m lost in music Ya know... some of these dudes out here ain’t right

[Verse 2: Chuck D]

Lovin’ believin’ it Without even seein’ it Young folk feel it Not even bein’ it People say steal it I’m a realist Damn Pass the cam (Daaaaaam!) Turnt up brand

[Hook: Chuck D.
Flavor Flav]

Lost-Lost-Lost in music Don’t understand it! Lost in music Yeah!