Songs That Mean Something

Songs That Mean Something

1. Tribute To Donald'Duck'Dunn of Booker T and the MGs

Booker T and The MGs Radio AD for
McLemore Avenue Album

Albert King Introduces The MGs

Chicken Pox by Booker T and The MGs

Glocal Section Taking Local Artist Global and Global Acts Locally

2. My Scene by Seth Sentry

3. Simple Game by Seth Sentry

HHG Radio – Can You Hear Me Now – Flatline

4. Down By Law by X-Clan

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A song can change the entire earth for the better, and a RAP song is no different. Songs that Mean Something is a segment of the AndYouDontStop! radio show showing the earth that RAP music and Hip Hop smashes the stereotype of it being one dimensional.

Hosted by Chuck D. Chuck plays an Hip Hop song of significance from the PAST or PRESENT.

Then he goes 'GLOCAL' playing local submission songs with potential to be the same….globally. Also playing and giving Local artists burn on WBAI 99.5 FM in the epicenter New York City as well as His belief is that if the Community does not support the ARTS, then how can the Arts support the Community?

And then The HIP HOP GODS segment , new SONGS from CLASSIC artists from the 'CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW' show hosted by Flatline to properly align our Hip Hop perspective.

As said this segment is also heard weekly as a segment on the AndYouDontStop! Radio show each and every Friday night between 8pm and 10p EST now on RAPstation streamed radio And rebroadcast and archived here on Saturdays.

CLICK on Listen on each show and its separate page will list the details of that particular broadcast

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