Intro/Chuck Monologue – Justice by Wyclef Jean
Songs That Mean Something - Chuck D

1. Gods Gone Crazy by Yumiko The Curse of the Merch Girl - Murs

2. Show Me The World by Tan feat. Confidence Soulful (Aisha Fukushima presents RAPtivism)

3. Necessary Evil by Positive Black Soul feat. Aisha Fukushima (Aisha Fukushima presents RAPtivism)

HH G Radio – Can You Hear Me Now – Flatline

Much Higher by Kurious

Songs In The The Right Direction - Wildman Steve

1. LL Cool J on American Bandstand

2. Kool and the Gang on American Bandstand

3. RunDMC on American Bandstand

Break It Down Like This – DJ Johnny Juice

1. I Got It Made by Special Ed

2. I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky by Ripple

Gia'na Garel presents: Planet Earth Planet Rap with Mikko Kapanen and Amkelwa Mbekeni
Mexicanos by Soldados Del Reyno
Return Of 3 Delinquents by Delinquent Habits
Los Jugadores by KDC
Estilo Chicano by Clika One
Payback by Clika One
Como Pancho Villa by Dyablo
Estiloko Real by Soldados Del Reyno
Mexicano Hasta La Madre by Soxiedad Anonima
Hip Hop Queenz – Raven The Blazin’ Eurasian

Artist of the week: Eve, Charli, and Bahamadia’s Total Wreck.

The Library with Tim Einenkel – L.A. Sunshine Interview
This Week In Hip Hop History (#77) – Duke Eatmon and Ron Maskell
Out-tro - Chuck D – Bandstand Boogie By Barry Manilow

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