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aired on 06/26/2011
A quick moving fast talkin episode discussing the NBA playoffs and The Miami Heat not yet winning the championship after showcasing bragging rights a year ago.After rooting for SHAQ and D WADE in 06, Chuck rooted for the MAVS this time and while thinking MIAMI will be dangerous for years to come.

George McGinnis was LeBron James 35 years ago in more ways than one.

Maurice Stokes, Jerry Lucas also were LeBron as well.

Kareem Abdul Jabbars' movie trailer On The Shoulders Of Giants.

James Brown does a rare JB song on 1970 television,

A Marcus Garvey song,

Spud Webb dunking near 50.

ILL Beats for the LABeatory

Facebook, Twitter and Skype business news.

And Chuck D highlights standout tweets sent to him and peoples addresses

All on a special Black Music and ball month of June 2011 filmed in the Atlanta studios Chuck D and his TwitterVision show Follow For Now on RsTv RAPstation Television


    The twice a month RsTv show FOLLOW FOR NOW with Chuck D. Usually runs 20-30 minutes and will air on Sunday nights. Segments include T.W.I.T. This Week In Twitter,Clips,The LaBEATory,TechTalk and whats also happening with the RsTv Internetwork.. Premieres June 2011