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TSF Live 169: The Jemele Hill and Ron Glover Episode

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aired on 02/04/2017


On TSF Live 169, my guests are Jemele Hill to talk the transition from His and Hers with Michael Smith to the two veteran journalists becoming Sports Center anchors. We also talk the absence of a true NFL MVP discussion -- given that Matt Ryan is receiving most of the conversation despite having an all world receiver in Julio Jones -- and the recent talk of a need for factual journalism exhibited by the hashtag PressOn, as well as the need for a true Black press to be considered as an equal to any journalistic entity. 

Tune into ESPN, 6pm eastern on February 6th for their debut show. 

Next Ron Glover and I continue what Jemele and I spoke of, and also talk of Tom Brady as the GOAT NFL quarterback if he wins his 5th Super Bowl tomorrow. 

Drive safely tomorrow, and we hope you enjoy the show!


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