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aired on 09/29/2016


Gia'na Garel presents Planet Earth Planet Rap with Mikko Kapanen and Amkelwa Mbekeni

the only show, segment and stationâ in the Hip-Hop world that play the Hip-Hop world 

01. Doble Fea - Post Mortem (Argentina)

02. London Posse - Live Like The Other Half Do (UK)

03. Keny Arkana - De quoi Es-tu Si Sur (France / Argentina)

04. The Council - The Final Countdown (Jamaica)

05. ModeNine featuring Rockstar - Warriors (Worry Us) (Nigeria)

06. King Kapisi featuring Kydam & Ykson - Non, Non, Non (New Zealand / New Caledonia)

07. Angel Mutoni - Ku Isonga (Rwanda)

08. Adilson Evora - Puppet Master (The Netherlands)

09. Issa Paz & Sara Donato - I.M.C. (Brazil)

10. Samâs - Câest Comment (France / Senegal)

11. Leddie MC - Circles (UK)

12. Young Queenz - The Last Freedom (China / Hong Kong)

13. Reason, HHP & Nova - Endurance (South Africa)

14. Hilltop Hoods featuring Drapth - Brainbox (Australia)

15. Alpha Centauri - Fly or Die (Zimbabwe)

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Music submissions can be sent directly to [email protected]

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Here's this week's #PEPR Top 10 chart

1. Keny Arkana - Une Seule Humanite (France / Argentina)

2. A. B. Original - 2 Black, 2 Strong (Australia)

3. Vieira Nkosi featuring DJ Cypro - Sankofa (The Netherlands/Cape Verde)

4.Amy True - You Might Need (UK)

5. Elom 20ce - Voodoo Sakpata (Togo)

6. Angel Mutoni - Ku Isonga (Rwanda)

7. Promoe - Spår i Smutsen (Sweden)

8. King Kapisi featuring Kydam & Ykson - Non, Non, Non (New Zealand / New Caledonia)

9. Swiss - I Canât Breathe (UK)

10. Kanyi Mavi - Andizenzi (South Africa)

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    Planet Earth Planet Rap is the international Hip-Hop segment of And You Don't Stop! radio show (WBAI / and a weekly one hour radio show ( We explore the rap map to find the best and most intriguing artists across the world. From New Zealand to Canada and South America and from the southern tip of Africa to Scandinavia and so many places in between. We offer you a truly global representation of the truly global movement and culture. Follow us on Twitter for updates, links and all sorts of material relating to Hip-Hop as a worldwide movement @PEPRradio. Planet Earth Planet Rap is presented by Mikko Kapanen and Amkelwa Mbekeni and produced by Gia'na Garel.