created: November 19th, 2012 3:03 pm

WD4D, aka Waylon Dungan, is one of Seattle’s most talented and ambitious beat scientists whose bold style has injected new sonic fusions into the city’s hip hop and electronic music communities. Versatile and always fresh, WD4D’s sound ranges from left-field experimental beats and funky upbeat dance music to jazzed-up hip hop and soulful underground rap.

He has just released a new mix, recorded live at a recent Live n' Love production with Sweatson Klank, Kid Smpl & Introcut.

In regards to the mix, available for a limited time, WD4D says, "There are a few exclusive WD tracks, but mostly just a bunch of super fresh music that needs to be heard. A lot of these songs will never be heard in this way ever again, as most are being blended with something else (other songs, loops, etc.) for their entirety.

Please visit http://soundcloud.com/wd4d/wd4d-live-kid-smpl-sweatson to download the mix for free and the official tracklisting can be found below.

1) Timeboy - Slow Times
2) WD4D & Suttikeeree - unreleased
3) †B▲$ICXB† - Oil Money
4) Vlooper - Piu Piu Anthem (Scars Blend)
5) Feist - The Water (Ambassadors Remix)
6) Tank 9000 - Ready
7) Eloq - WATS
8) Krts - Until The Colours Come (Flying Lotus Relfip)
9) JusMoni x WD4D - Here For You (Benito Remix)
10) Co.fee - King Cobra
11) Djemba Djemba - I Just Go
12) Joney - War Beat
13) Prozack Morris - Urban Frustrations
14) Dexter - Telescope
15) Alt J - Something Good (Chesslo Junior Remix)
16) Prozack Morris - The Box That Rox
17) XXYYXX - Alone (I Am Music Blend)
18) Croza - Passenger
19) Flako - Azul y Blanco / Lonely Town Loop w/ Bossa Drums
20) Vlooper - Bag Lady (Erykah's) ft. Modlee
21) Amerigo Gaziway - Trust, Pt II
22) The Dene Road - Athene (Young Montana Remix) / Dials' Punish Me Loop
23) WD4D - unreleased
24) Scntfc - The Moon Grotto Outro

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