Spotlight Artist: Billy Danze

Hardcore rhymes from Hip-hop underground invades this week's Spotlight Artist as Brooklyn emcee Billy Danze takes the title.

Danze began making a name for himself as one-half of the rap duo Mosh Out Posse (MOP), prominent for their breakout album Warriorz which featured the international hit “Ante Up”, significantly marking mainstream notoriety for Danze and partner Lil' Fame. The single peaked at #25 off the Billboard 200 and #7 on the UK Singles Chart.

Whilst being rostered in a highly-favored rap tandem, Danze flaunts his formidability pursuing a solo career as well. His most recent magnum opus making manifest in the politically-fueled single, “6 O'Clock Briefing”, released with accompanying visuals depicting Danze aiming to strike dialogue with President Obama.

Donned in Secret Service attires, Danze weaves his rhymes into an urgent message directly addressed towards the nation's higher-ups, “We lifted you to the top from the basement/ We do not want to feel like it's a displacement/ You should not disconnect from what we're facing/ Or turn a blind eye and try to erase it,” building up to the rhetorical hook, “Would you tell us what the truth is?/ Is there a mass production of designer nooses?”

While the lyrics suggest noble intentions, each line bleeds with such vehement passion as Danze voices his response following the recent shootings at that time and demanding its much-needed response. With a single song, the Brooklyn rapper takes on the mantle embodying classic conscious Hip-hop in times past, projecting a volatile force amidst a storm of mainstream complacency.

As Billy Danze takes this week's spotlight, be sure to check out his single “6 O' Clock Briefing” listed on the Rap Station Top Ten.

By Jods Arboleda for

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