The Nezitiq Mute and DJ Concept put out free album

Somewhere between a twisted nightmare and harsh reality, The Nezitiq Mute and DJ Concept take your brain to the outskirts of Hip-Hop. Influenced by elements of both Rock and Hip-Hop, The Mute prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as they concoct a glorious nightmare over the dark and sometimes beautiful soundscape, produced entirely by Concept. All nightmares start somewhere and this one starts with a chemically induced, governmental experiment. Prepare. The Nezitiq Mute & DJ Concept - 'This Glorious Nightmare' *Free Download: * S/O @TheNezitiqMute & @concept1200 The Nezitiq Mute is comprised of members Eddie Palacio (vocals and production) Jesse Mechanic (vocals) Angel Ortiz (vocals) and Adam De la Cruz (vocals and production) Their sound fuses elements of Hip-Hop, electronic, industrial and indy rock. Recently, The Mute released their self-titled album, au-gratis. The group is currently performing in the New York metropolitan area and will be venturing out to many other cities shortly. The Mute almost always performs with a live band, be sure to come down and see 'em when they're in your town. DJ Concept is a DJ and producer from Long Island, New York. He is the co-founder of The Bash Brothers DJ Crew along with DJ Mickey Knox. Between 2001 & 2007, Concept linked up with producer/emcee Undefined to form the group Crisis Center. They put out two records: Volume 1 & Version 2.0 and subsequently won best rap duo at The Underground Music Awards. Concept was also the host of the Nationwide Hip-Hop mixshow,The Mix Chronicles, on Sirius Satellite Radio. His debut producer compilation album, Heavy Smoke (Deluxe Edition), was released in March 3rd, 2012 and can be purchased via iTunes. His beat tapes are available for complimentary download, courtesy of Bandcamp.
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