Kxng Crooked's latest album "Good vs Evil" offers look into the future

Veteran rapper Kxng Crooked wasn't trying to predict the future when he penned the recently released Good Vs Evil, but recent political developments have the Long Beach rapper concerned that his star studded, socially conscious album might be a preview of what America may turn into.

Good vs. Evil is a concept album on which Crooked tells a story about a society that collapses under the rule of a fascist, racist leader, and the uprising of minorities who are forced to fight for their rights against this fictional leader's oppressive, intolerant rule.

"Now that Trump sits in one of the most powerful seats, probably the most powerful seat in the world, it's scary how this album could in four years be some sort of a prophecy," Kxng Crooked told CNN in a recent interview, where he discusses how the apocalyptic political situation he raps about on Good Vs. Evil now seems like it might become a reality."It sounded like there was no pathway to victory for Trump ... as I watched him get to 270 electoral votes, my heart dropped."

While Crooked's fears are currently directed toward Trump, on the track "Rebel Party," Crooked takes on the entire corrupt system. “We ain’t Republican, we ain’t Democrat.  We ain’t none of that.  No Independent, no Tea Party; don’t f*ck with that.  We ain’t in the polls cuz we in the streets where them hustlers at.  F*ck politicians, we kill machines, like rat-tat-tat-tat.  We the Rebel Party," he raps.

The album also features guest appearances from Eminem, Tech9ne, Just Blaze, Xzibit, and The RZA. You can stream "Good vs. Evil" on Soundcloud here.

By Michael Lacerna for RAPstation.com

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