Devin The Dude RAPstation Album Review by JWKII ALBUM REVIEW: Devin The Dude "Seriously Trippin" (Released on May 22nd 2012 vinyl/CD & digital download) "Seriously Trippin" is not just the title from the Houston, TX rapper Devin The Dude's latest EP, it is also a clear description of how you will feel as you listen to this "smoke-filled" classic! (Available on iTunes and at Hip Hop Record dealers all over the country) It should be no surprise to all those whom are familiar with Devin's works, (ranging from The Odd Squad, Facemob with Scarface, and his Rap-A-Lot Records days, up to his work in later years with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Nas, to name a few) that this release would cater to those fans in search of mind altering beats and smooth, laid back rhymes with a taste of comedy as well. This 6 track EP shows and proves from the second the beat drops till the music ends, and honestly leaves you craving more and more. The first cut, "You'll Be Satisfied", basically speaks for itself…you, in fact, will be satisfied and beyond. The track brings together the classic combination of funky, mellow, and mind-bending music with Devin The Dude's poetically "high" tales of women, weed, and life in the hood. Devin will truly blow your mind with the track "Exercise", a funny, positive and motivational song about losing weight and getting on the healthy side of life. It is truly the perfect track to add to any workout playlist for hitting the gym, going for a jog, or just motivation to a healthier lifestyle. It is rather refreshing hearing artists who are not afraid to promote more positive life actions and shows a lot about whom Devin is as a human. We need more of this in not only Hip-Hop, but in our everyday culture. The whole EP from start to end is truly a classic addition to Devin's ever growing discography. A must listen for all those hip hop heads who wish to lounge out and let the music take you on a journey. And for all you vinyl collectors, there is also a limited run of this EP on beautiful psychedelic colored vinyl, which also has a vinyl-only extra track entitled "Stop Waiting". Available at many Hip-Hop carrying Record Shops around the country and certainly a treat for the collector. GOOD LUCK finding this vinyl gem! So get out there and cop this latest release from the ever smooth, king of smoke, Devin The Dude…and always support real Hip-Hop! -Review by JWKII for
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