Cam'ron x Stance - You Mad?

“You Mad?” Short, sweet, and effective. For the better half of the 2000’s the Diplomats ran rap like Usain Runs 100 meter race. You couldn't turn on MTV, BET, or VHI without seeing one or two tracks listed. That legacy unapologetically shines through with Camron and Stances latest release. Featuring the Iconic Pink Cell Phone intermingled with the equally staple pink camo print this collaboration celebrates everything that made Dipsets number one guy so influential in today’s trends. This release feature Stance’s 200 needle style inspired by an upcoming release from Reebok x Camron’s “Ventilator Supreme”. The sock itself is designed with cushioning Terry Loop in the Forefoot, Heel, and Toe areas for added arch support and reinforcement of the Heel and Toe. The technology adds arch support with a seamless enclosure for the toe. The color scheme alone should make you understand the necessity of this in any fashion arsenal. It’s pink man, U mad?

By Josh Attwood for RAPstation

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