The Library with Tim Einenkel

The Library with Tim Einenkel

Krazy Drayz of Das Efx joins Tim Einenkel on The Library this week to talk about about the challenges of being a solo artist, his latest project, Encore, and his time as a member of Das Efx.

The Library Top 10 Chart

01. Kendrick Lamar - I
02. Saigon ft. Big Daddy Kane One Foot In The Door
03. Muggz and Scene 5 - Real Hip-Hop ft. Hi Deph
04. Beatnick and K-Salaam - Checkpoints: Ghetto To Gaza ft. Talib Kweli, M1 (Dead Prez)
05. John Robinson and PVD - This is Art
06. Rapsody - Coming For You
07. Constant Flow - Ascension
08. Edo G. - 2 Turntables and a Mic
09. The Bodega Brovas -Les Warning
10. L'Orange - Grow ft Johaz (of Dag Savage) and Blame One

"Tim Einenkel does one of the best interviews in all Hip-Hop and rap music, and there's not too many out there." Chuck D. AndYouDon'tStop! - 10.03.14

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Tim Einenkel brings us "The Library. Tim has contributed a few interviews to AYDS in the past but will have more of a visible role in the coming months with new reviews and interviews. Follow Tim on Twitter: @LibrarywithTim

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